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April Full Moon - Pink Full Moon in Libra

Updated: May 1, 2023


Exciting news! Our monthly moon rituals will now be created by Sara of Snake Oil Magick! Sara is an eclectic witch and natural empath who is fascinated by divination. She and her partner, Vince, offer tarot and oracle readings often at Harold's Haunt and also online! We're so excited to work with them on yet another project and are sure that you will find these Full Moon Rituals packed full of magick.

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Full Moon - April 6th

We’ve made it through the spring equinox and now is the time to celebrate the first full moon of Spring. It is named after the pink wildflowers that bloom during this time of the year natively in North America.

The Pink Moon is a time of renewal, growth, and fertility. It is the perfect time to plant the seeds of your intentions and watch them bloom in the months to come. It may not happen overnight but as long as you continue to water it and allow it to grow, you will be able to manifest something powerful and potent!

The full moon is in Libra this month, allowing us to focus on finding the perfect balance and harmony within your own life. The scales will help you to balance out the practical from a more dream-like quality that you will need in order to manifest your dreams.

The full moon is on a Thursday this month, meaning it is ruled by Jupiter. This is perfect for this Pink Full Moon, as it will bring abundance and prosperity to your life, as well as being a great ruler for bringing forth the big picture. Now is the time to truly make your passions a reality.

Your ritual kit for April’s full moon contains:

A pink candle - This candle represents self-love, beauty, and compassion, which are all things we need as we make our dreams a reality.

A white candle - This candle represents a cleansing and purifying power as we move on from winter and into spring with confidence.

Rose Quartz crystal - This crystal helps us to bring in growth to whatever it is we want to manifest and make our dreams a reality.

Myrrh Incense - The aroma can help to bring in abundance and balance into our ritual.

There will also be some journal prompts or loose paper prompts you may want to complete with this ritual. You may also include a small bowl of water in this ritual, specifically if using loose paper.

A suggestion for your full moon ritual:

  • Create sacred space for yourself, whatever that means for you and your practice. When you feel you have done this, light your candles, as well as your incense. Place your crystal in a prominent place where you can reflect on it, as well as your candles.

  • Sit with the flames and the aroma, taking a few deep breaths in, thinking about what it is you are trying to manifest for yourself today, this week, this month, and this year. There is nothing too small or mundane that couldn’t fit into this category.

  • In your journal or on your pieces of paper, write down what it is you would like to manifest in whatever time frame you decide is most important to you! Remember, this is your journey and you are the creator of your universe.

  • If you are using loose paper, soak the paper in the water, allowing it to water your ideas for growth and expansion. If you are using a journal, continue to look at these often as a reminder that you are bringing these forth into reality.

  • Allow your incense and candles to burn until they are near the end. Sit in reflection of everything you have done and will do to manifest your dreams into reality.

May the Pink Moon bring you blessings, growth, and fulfillment on your journey. Blessed be.


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