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January Full Moon - Full Moon in Cancer

Welcome to 2023! You freaking made it. That last year was a doozy, wasn't it!?

Well, it's time for a clean slate. A fresh start. The first full moon of the new year is the perfect time to slough off all the stuff that's old, tired, and not working for you anymore. So let's do it!

Your ritual kit for January's full moon contains:

  • A salt bath blend You can use this as a full bath, or simply as a hand or foot soak.

  • A gold candle etched with a symbol for rebirth.

During your full moon ritual, I will be inviting you to journal about the following:

  • What has served you well over the last year? What tools have supported you? What community has lifted you up? What habits have refreshed and renewed you?

  • What has not served you over the last year? What tools have become burdensome or simply stagnant? What community has stopped encouraging personal growth, or begun to hold you back? What habits have become walls instead of paths?

During your reflection, if you find yourself listing things you should have done or could have done, stop and recenter. This is not the place for should haves or could haves. This full moon is not here to shame you or blame you. It is here to offer you the truth of what you have done and how it is working for you.

The full moon in cancer is one that highlights the tools we use as well as our bodies and systems at work. It brings light to what is causing us to be stagnant and dead, and what is helping us bloom and grow. The moon invites you to shed the dead skin and be reborn fresh, new, and ready to face a new year with the tools you have already honed and have proven will support you.

Our suggestion for your full moon ritual is this:

  • Create some Sacred Space where you won't be interrupted. If you can find some space in the light of the moon, do so, but she will find you wherever you are. You will want a journal, a pen or pencil, a few extra scraps of paper, and your candle (and a safe way to burn it).

  • Light your candle and journal about the questions we've prompted you with. If you are going to draw yourself a full bath, you can do your journaling while the tub is filling. If you are just doing a hand or foot bath, you can wait to set up your bath until after you've journaled.

  • Write a list of the tools you would like to keep with you for the upcoming year. This list can be added to your altar, bedside table, or wallet.

  • Write a list of the tools you would like to shed before the upcoming year. This list should be burned while saying 'As the Moon wanes, so do I release these from me.'

  • Soak in that good bath. If you are just doing a small hand or foot bath, run the warm water and add in your bath blend. As you soak, imagine that the light of the moon and the salt and herbs are penetrating every layer of old dead energy around you, loosening it and releasing it from your body.

  • Once you're nice and soaked through, drain the water. As it drains, say 'With the help of the moon, may what I have shed drain away and not return.' Repeat this until the water is fully drained,

You are clean, new, and ready for anything now!

Our lady the Moon is with you.

Blessed Be.

This is part of our Full Moon Ritual Series, which can be paired with the Full Moon teas from Abeille Voyante Tea Co.

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