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The End of Summer

There so much joy to be found in a garden.

Every year we look forward to fall weather, but fall weather means the end of summer gardening. The change will massively shift our energy. Summer days are full of hard work, sweat, pollen-stained fingers, dirt in our hands. This in itself is restorative magic. As the fall comes, we will lose those things. We will have to find new projects to keep busy.

Summer business coincides with healing. What can we do in fall that has such a bountiful balance of productivity and healing? This summer so many of us have relied on the sun and the outdoors for healing. The sun has been with us throughout our isolation. The outdoors have been our community space during this pandemic. The season is coming to a close and it's time to prepare. What healing spaces do you need to make ready for the upcoming winter months? In what ways have you made room for safe community gathering?

For us, our gardening will be shifting to crafting and magick.... we will make more jewelry, do more spells, get creative in the kitchen, read more books. And while we won't have the sun on our backs as we garden, we are looking forward to nights wrapped in a blanket, breath steaming, looking up at the beautiful moon.

As for community, well, we're hoping that you will all come spend time with us in our virtual spaces. Our movie nights and book clubs and virtual markets. And for our friends and family, we are scheming on how to keep an outdoor space warm enough to gather occasionally..... The harvest feast day is coming and that is celebrated best with close ones surrounding you. Perhaps, this year, it will look more like a winter picnick than a indoor feast, house bursting with loved ones.


In the coming time of darkness and cold, we will hold a warm light in our hearts to share with you, dear friends.

Be well.

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