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The Emperor (inverted) & 4 of Swords


My news-feed is full to overflowing with the latest updates.

My inbox swells with emails from every company I've ever heard of, making sure I know that they CARE. Why did I get an email from the CEO of my favorite clothing store? I haven't been on my scented-candle-buying kick since 2016, but they're emailing me too. And I have counted a total of 7 emails so far from my vet.

I can't even count the number of subject lines that just FEEL like pure click-bait.

Everyone wants to make sure that you know that they are HERE for you in this time of trouble.... and also if you were in need of a thing to purchase, don't worry, they'll be extra careful when they box it up and send it to your door.

Screenshot of tweet from @bridger_w : "It's times like these that you really find out which companies you've given your email address"
Thanks to our friend Ringa for sending us this Covid Gem.

And now, here we are, your friends at Maude's Paperwing Gallery, with even more words to say.

Except that..... what could we POSSIBLY say about this crisis? We have no specialized knowledge, no products to clean or cure you. We are just another voice threatening to fill the space with empty sounds. I acknowledge this, and yet here I am, still writing this post.


L - Ethereal Visions Tarot; R - Smith-Rider-Waite Tarot

When I pulled my various tarot spreads this week, the cards didn't have too much new to tell me.

The four of swords has been following me for a while now, challenging to me to sit. recoup. re-build my defenses, my energy. And what choice to I have really? All I can do right now is deep clean my kitchen and sit with the world.

And pulling the inverted Emperor? The cards said to me "you're not happy with the guy in charge, with the systems surrounding you."

And I said, LOL YOU BET. Talk about stating the obvious.

But the universe had a bit more to say to me. I was challenged to hold joy and hope. To share it with people. Because this world is stupid right now and we need as many drops of goodness in this ocean of chaos as we can manage.

Here at Maude's, our hope and dream is to eventually be a safe-space and community base for people in need. Especially people who have gone or are going through trauma. And what is this, but massive, world-wide trauma.

The time has come for us to start building a foundation that we can offer to you. I wish that I could do this by coming and giving the biggest hug to all of you, but that obviously isn't an option. Instead, what I have to offer is this: If you need someone to talk to about beautiful things, I'm your girl. Let's talk about crystals and healing smoke. Let's talk about which witchy books we're reading and what we're doing for the next full moon. And especially, let's talk about the gods and goddesses that are pulling you towards them right now. Tell me about that vision you had form Hecate, the moment that Persephone made your eyes swell with tears, the voices calling you from the wind in the trees.

For many (not all. may the goddess shine on the people who are still required to venture into the world right now) this is a time of quiet and loneliness. It is tempting to let it be a time to catch up on all those Netflix shows, to sleep all day long because you just CAN. But I promise that what your body and heart need right now is a deeper connection to the earth and to the spirits and the goddesses and gods swirling around us.

I invite you to join me in some reflection during this time of forced solitude. I will be posting some quotes that I love from witchy people. And I'll be posting some of my favorite emotion regulation techniques as well. Maybe one or two of them will inspire you to a moment of contemplation or meditation. Please reach out to us! Let us know what inspires you, what draws you. Post a comment; start a discussion. Maybe we can learn something new together.

We would love to hear from you, our dear friends.

May you be surrounded by the love of the goddess. Whichever goddess you follow.

May you be healthy and safe.

All my love,


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