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Mercury Stardust Book Signing Event Information

Here's some info about the book signing event!

If you pre-ordered Safe & Sound through us: Check your email for information sent out yesterday about how and where to pick up your book! Book pickup will be BEFORE you get into line AND it will be located at Quiet Retreat Therapy, a few doors down from the shop! The email we sent yesterday has all the details, so make sure you read through! If you pre-ordered the book through us and you didn't receive an email, please let us know so we can check on your order and resend the email! If you RSVP'd (but didn't pre-order the book): Mercury Stardust is dedicated to meeting as many people as possible, but depending on how the line moves, she may not be able to get to everyone! Please be patient and also if you do get to see her, remember to keep your time with her brief so that other people can also have time to say hello! If you are on the WAITLIST: There is a possibility she will get through the RSVP list, but we won't know until the day of! We will post updates about the line throughout the day on Instagram, so be sure to follow us @queerwitches for updates! Important info for EVERYONE:

  • Please wear a mask! Mercury has not required it, but heck, she is seeing SO many people - let's try to keep her as safe as possible!

  • The line will be outdoors! Bring umbrellas / sunscreen as needed!

  • Line formation can start at 1PM! Please refrain from coming earlier than 1pm, as we won't have our volunteers in place to assist yet, and you will have to move when the line starts.

  • There will be drinks and snacks available for purchase from AV Tea AND Lemon Tree PGH! AV Tea Co will be open special on Sunday just for us! Grab a bevvy or a vegan snack from them! Lemon Tree PGH will have bottled cold brew and lemonade available for sale at the book pick-up station at 216 Grant Ave. Please bring cash if you're able!

  • Please plan ahead what you would like to say to Mercury! She has lots of people to meet and we'll need to keep the lines moving so that she can meet as many as possible. If you have a story you would like to tell or if you're hoping to have a long conversation with her, please consider writing her a letter so that she can read it at her leisure and we can keep the line moving.

  • Mercury is willing to sign things other than just books! If you would prefer to bring a photo or object to have signed (power drills included!) feel free. Please limit yourself to one signature per person though!

Huge thanks go out to Gay For Good and the Hugh Lane Wellness Foundation for sending us volunteers to assist with this event!

Tips to keep the line moving! We know that many of you will want to be able to take time to tell Mercury how much she has helped and inspired you! Because of the number of people who are likely to be hoping to see Mercury, we ask that you do the following things to keep the line moving:

  • Want to tell her something specifically? Plan what it is ahead of time and try to keep it short and sweet!

  • Have a longer story you'd like to tell her? Consider writing her a letter! That way your greeting can be short AND she can read your letter when she's comfy and has time to fully engage with it.

  • Want a selfie with Mercury? As you approach the front of the line, make sure your camera is ready to go so that you can hand it to our volunteer and they can snap the pic nice and quick!

  • Coming with a group? Please consider taking a group photo with her instead of individual selfies! Add your text here. Edit to add dynamic values like name, email and more.

Virtual Tickets to Sawdust & Stardust Now Available!

Mercury Stardust is hosting a drag show at Harold's Haunt! While the show is sold out, you can still join the fun from home! Get access to the livestream of the show at the link below! Not able to tune in live? A recording will be available to all virtual ticket holders! Get your virtual ticket!

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