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July Full Moon - Buck Moon in Capricorn


Our monthly moon rituals are created by Sara of Snake Oil Magick! Sara is an eclectic witch and natural empath who is fascinated by divination. She and her partner, Vince, offer tarot and oracle readings often at Harold's Haunt and also online! We're so excited to work with them on yet another project and are sure that you will find these Full Moon Rituals packed full of magick.

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Buck Moon in Capricorn

The Full Moon for the month of July is the Buck Moon. This moon derives its name from bucks growing their antlers to full strength during this time of year and now is the time for you to do the same, metaphorically speaking. Now is your time to transform yourself and display the inner strength you have been working on throughout the year!

The full moon is in Capricorn this month bringing both confidence and prosperity into our lives. Throughout the year we have been working on ourselves, journaling and performing rituals, and now is the time for you to own it! If this is your first full moon ritual, that’s okay too, jump right in and own this wonderful confident energy alongside your fellow witches.

The full moon is on a Monday this month, meaning that we will be at peak moon energy. This is a fantastic day for the transformation that we’re looking for and can specifically help us with rebirth and renewal. You don’t have to change your life completely but it is wonderful to own the work you have and will continue to accomplish this year. It doesn’t need to feel big or heavy to be an accomplishment and now is the time of relishing in that work!

Your ritual kit for July’s full moon contains:

A red candle - This candle represents passion, energy, and victory which will aid in your quest for the confidence necessary this full moon.

Frankincense - This candle is a powerful cleansing tool, as well as one of protection, which will assist in allowing you to take that leap into transformation and rebirth.

Clear Quartz - This crystal represents stability, guidance, and grounding, which will aid in keeping our ego in check and not allowing ourselves to get too carried away.

Carnelian - This crystal represents courage, confidence, and success which will be our physical representation of what we want out of this full moon.

There will also be some journal prompts, if you would like to jot them down in a magical journal or anywhere you may want to keep these musings.

A suggestion for your full moon ritual:

  • Create sacred space for yourself, whatever that means for you and your practice. When you feel you have done this, light your candle and incense. Place your crystal in a prominent place where you can reflect on it, as well as your candle.

  • Sit with the flame for a few moments, drawing in some deep breaths.

  • When you are ready, write down what you love about yourself. Try to be as specific as you possibly can when creating this list and aim for at least five things.

  • In a separate column, write down the lies you tell yourself and then create a positive spin on it. The negative self-talk that we tell ourselves can be so toxic and we need to now take back our own self-worth. You are so important and now is your time to remind yourself of that!

  • After you have finished writing, place your journal or papers in the center with your candles and place your crystals on top of the paper.

  • After moments of reflection, you will want to speak the following words aloud several times: “I will become the best version of myself!”

  • Sit in reflection and awe of the beautiful person that you are inside and out.

  • Allow your candle and incense to burn out or safely snuff the candles.

May this Buck Moon bring you confidence and fulfillment. Blessed be.


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