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Ritual Soapworks


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Hi, my name is Jessica. My deep-seeded connection to the plant world and the study of spirit has been a part of my journey since I can remember. I find the more time I spend in nature quietly the more wisdom is available. Channeling messages from plants has been instrumental in healing my traumas from this lifetime and beyond. I created Ritual Soapworks after a long period of mourning in an effort to re-emerge, connect & share. It is an honor to lovingly create soaps with all-natural botanical ingredients from around the world. Plants are healing allies. These soaps are intentionally poured to elevate your radical self-care practices. I encourage taking the time to create rituals that nourish the soul.



Ritual Soapworks

Ritual Soapworks bars are mindfully hand-poured in small batches. Each soap is intentionally designed to elevate your sacred self-care practice. We use the finest all-natural ingredients to create the perfect long-lasting bars.

Our Sacred Circle Baskets are all hand-crocheted & one of a kind. Create your sacred space or adorn your favorite plant friend, it's up to you.

Our Limited Edition Bandanas feature 100% botanically dyed & hand-blockprinted cottons from India. We cut, hand press, and sew each one with love and care. Consider them modern-day armor!

We hope you love our products. They are an honor to create and share.


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