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Hiya, I'm Chrissy and I've considered myself a witch ever since I was very young. I think it mostly started when my fascination for the well being of animals really kicked in when I decided to become a vegetarian at the age of 7. I always had such a heart for anything living, and remember also having a huge fascination with crystals and stones, having started collecting them since before I can remember. I truly found myself at home as a Green Witch, feeling most comfortable within nature. I like to surround myself with plants, crystals, and lots and lots of candles. Now my craft also continues with still honoring and holding all life and nature sacred, being mindful of my carbon imprint, and doing my best to reuse as much as possible to help keep our environment safe. This also includes my love for everyone around me, always trying to be a voice for those who need it, and be an ally to those who need protecting. You'll often find me manifesting good energies for those around me, trying to give them only the best of luck in their endeavors.
As a painter, I use my art as both a form of creation, and transformation. It helps me calm my mind, and keep my thoughts grounded. From the colors I use in my paintings, to the music I play while I am creating them, I am always trying to give myself a safe, and healing outlet. I've grown most in the years I've been most creative, and it's something that's always pretty evident when I look back onto my past self. I am happy where I am, and I hope to one day share the healing properties I have come to find within my craft.


Chrissy Sunders

My art to me has always been my safe space, my constant from my ever-changing life around me. Most of my creations you will find, are nature themes, whether it's flowers growing right out at you, or paintings of withering skulls, I always like to incorporate the idea of the cycle of life. The fascinating contrast between life and death. The ways in which they endlessly tie together. Most of my work is paintings, but I do sculpture, and drawing pieces too. I sell original paintings, prints, postcards, and stickers of my work, something for any price range. And for those who don't find that anything from my existing collection entices them, I'd like to offer the option of commissions. I've done countless commissions of work ranging from pet portraits, to human portraits, to landscapes. It's a craft I have worked towards for many years, and I look forward to continuing to create more as I get older. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me with any questions!


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