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more than just the merchandise

Every being on this planet has a growing edge: a part of themselves that is calling for new life. In flowers, it’s the upward trajectory, the movement towards the sun, the blossoming. In humans, our growing edge is more internal. It’s the call for emotional growth, for healing from past trauma, for learning new ways to self-love.

Personal growth is often stunningly beautiful, but it is also sometimes exhausting. New growth requires new energy, and when you’re recovering from trauma, it’s really hard to find new energy reserves.

Maude’s Paperwing Gallery hopes to offer some support on your personal growth journey. Sure, we sell crystals and rocks because they’re really pretty. But we also sell them because sometimes having a crystal in your pocket (or your bra) can bolster your spirit and get you through another day. We sell incense and smudge kits because we’re a bunch of witchy hippies, but also because the ritual of cleansing is itself a form of healing and self-love.

Our hope and dream here at Maude’s is to someday be a community resource: a place where people can come together in authenticity; a place where people can feel safe and loved enough to shed any masks they’ve been holding on to and to dress wounds from old traumas. We ESPECIALLY want to offer this healing space to our fellow queer witches and all members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

2021 is the year of Maude. We have moved into a physical storefront, and we're making connections in the community. We would love for you to join us! Stop by our store in Millvale to say hello. 

The Queer Witches of Maude’s Paperwing Gallery

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