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The Witch Web is an online market featuring queer and/or witchy artists and small businesses. Our hope is to create community while connecting amazing Pittsburgh local artists to customers. While we sure hope you'll spend some money with our vendors, that's not our only goal! During the current pandemic, it has become difficult to maintain community while we are social distancing. Even those of us who prefer introverted life find ourselves wishing for company. The Witch Web is one of many Maude events created with the intention to hold virtual community space, especially for LGBTQIA+ witches, but open to ALL. 

In the before-times, one of our favorite things about vending was getting to see the beautiful faces that stopped by our tables. We LOVED to chat and learn and laugh with new people. We also loved seeing familiar faces return to our tables from month to month. These are experiences you can't really replicate by shopping someone's Etsy store or visiting their website. We miss it. a lot. And we know we aren't the only vendors who do. 

During the Witch Web Virtual Market, we are going to try to create that connection. To be honest, we're not entirely sure it will work. Or maybe it will take a few markets for it to really gel. But we want to give it a shot. We don't really trust that live markets are going to be back for a while. And even if it does become safer to gather in large groups again, there are many artists who are at high risk from COVID-19 and will be prevented from joining in markets as quickly as vendors who are young or have strong immune systems. Until it is safe for EVERYONE to gather together, we feel it is important to offer a virtual alternative. 

We hope you will spend some time checking out our amazing vendors today. We hope you'll enjoy time spent in community with witchy, queer people. Please reach out if you have any questions. We love chatting with our community and we want this to be a fun experience for everyone involved. 

What is the Witch Web?

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Our Raffle

During every Witch Web, we will host an online raffle to raise money for a local organization or individual doing important work. 

Prizes will be announced during the week before the Witch Web Event. 

How will it work? 

As we gain following, we will be transitioning our raffles to a larger raffle platform. For right now though, our best option is to use venmo to collect donations. 

As for getting raffle entries: 


Each $1 donation will equal one entry into the raffle. 
Venmo any $ amount to @Athena-Flint

In the note, mention how many of your entries you want to go towards each prize.

We will be accepting donations for a full week! Winners will be announced the following day after the week is up.

If you would like to participate, but don't have a Venmo account, please e-mail us

Shipping costs WILL be covered for prizes, either by the vendor or by Maude's Paperwing Gallery. We will not use raffle money for shipping costs. 

Please email DM or email Maude's Paperwing Gallery with any questions.