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Maude's Paperwing Gallery Storefront Window - activism posters by ladyfingers letterpress

Come visit our store!

We now have a brick and mortar store, and we'll be honest, it's super cute. 

Come shop in person! We're located on one of the main streets in Millvale, right across from Abeille Voyante Tea Co, Glittersty & the Millvale Library, and right next door to Steel City Salt Co! 

Shop local artists and makers right in our store!

We work with an ever-expanding group of amazing people to stock our shelves full of witchy, queer, handmade items.

If you've been to one of our Witch Web Markets, you've probably met a few of the artists already! Artists include: 

Angel Rosen, Black Cats & Company, Chosen Wand,  Coffey Shoppe, Dancing Dragonflies, Foxhole Finds, Garden of Artificial Delights, Glyphs & Glam, Jasper Flint,  LilDebby's Delights, Mary Curtin, Oh! Candles, Rita Santana, Ritual Soapworks, Shapeless Flame, The Blue Yogi, Tinned Pineapple, & Up in Suds. 

If you're interested in selling at Maude's Paperwing Gallery, apply here!