Hospitality for inner healing

At Quiet Retreat Therapy, we offer you a safe space for inner healing. We strive to create a non-anxious, supportive, non-judgmental environment. If you are recovering from trauma or even if you just want to concentrate on personal growth, we are here to support your journey.


Workshops & Training Events

The Quiet Retreat Center is dedicated to offering continuing education for all, especially about social justice and emotional health issues.

Therapy Sessions

Debra Flint is a licensed clinical therapist, with a wealth of specialties. Her passion is working with individuals overcoming past traumas and helping them to build a foundation of safety so that they can better continue their journey of healing.

Community Building Events

Having a supportive community is a crucial part of anyone’s healing journey. The Quiet Retreat Center hosts a number of ongoing events, such as book clubs and movie nights.

A note from Debra:

My goal in providing therapy is to promote a judgement free, non-anxious presence so that you can explore and grow in ways that feel right to you. By using a mix of traditional and trauma-informed therapy styles, we will work together towards healing and authenticity. Whether you struggle with abuse, discrimination, anxiety, depression, need to hone your coping skills or discover your future path, I’m here for you.

You are cared for and loved.