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Athena - Head Green Witch
Nov 24, 2020
In Green Witch -Athena's Realm
Hello friends! Thanks for stopping into our community space here at MPG. This section of the forum is all about green things! Post your questions, your stories, your pictures.... We will eventually start posting some tips and tricks and some intros to various herbs and gardening techniques. Meanwhile, we will do our best to answer any questions you might have about plant magick. A little about me: I grew up playing in the dirt alongside my mother. She took our postage-stamp-sized yard and turned it into a beautiful refuge, full of flowers, herbs, and veggies. I learned my love of getting my hands in dirt from her. I currently have a sizable garden, and every summer I expand it a bit more; probably too much, if you ask my body after a long day of turning hard earth. I am so very lucky to have a partner that will come find me in the yard, still determinedly digging, and tell me it's time to stop for the day..... He's always right. By the time I get inside, I often can't move my limbs anymore. He, very kindly, makes me food and drink and then lets me sit aching on the couch, dreaming of the next day's work. Many of Maude's dried herbs and bundles come from my medicinal garden. That selection will continue to grow as I learn how to care for more varieties of plants. This past summer was the first year for my mugwort plants and, oh, how well they took to the yard. I'm still learning more everyday and I'm by NO MEANS any kind of expert. But I know some experts! And if you do have any questions, I'll do my best to answer them.

Athena - Head Green Witch

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