The smoke of yerba santa can be used to cleanse space with an intention of setting boundaries. When burned the scent is strong and uplifting. However, the bundle itself has a potent smell that some can find unpleasant. 

Full disclosure about holy herbs:

As many are aware, many holy herbs are currently over-harvested(the most notable one being white sage). Also, holy herbs are used by many indigenous cultures in sacred smudging ceremonies; those who attempt to use herbs in this way who have no connection to the culture of indigenous peoples are participating in cultural appropriation. We know this, and try our best to honor these two facts.


We have sourced these bundles through a company that advertises its respect towards both the environment and the people who have harvested it, and we hope that they are honest in that advertisement. However, in order make sure that we do not cause harm, we will not be ordering any more bundles from wholesale companies, regardless of their reviews.


In the future, we will be offering home-made bundles of various herbs (including common and broad leaf sage, mugwort, rosemary and lemonbalm) harvested from our own Maude’s Medicinal Garden. These bundles will be great for smoke cleansing and many other spiritual practices. However, unless you have cultural connections to indigenous countries who practice smudging and other culturally specific holy rituals, none of these products would be appropriate for that use. 

Yerba Santa Bundles


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