For burning loose incense! Each package contains 10 swift-lite charcoal tablets. 

Instructions for burning: Make sure you have a heat-safe dish ready. Do not hold the tablet in your hand while lighting. You can light while the tablet is laying un the heat-safe dish, or hold the tablet in tongs. To light, hold a taper or match to the edge of the tablet until you see it catch all the way across. When this happens, a line of sparks and light will travel across the tablet. This is the quick-light excellerant working. Once the light has gone across the tablet, wait a minute or two and then you're ready to start burning your loose incense.
when burning loose incense, limit yourself to a pinch of incense at a time.
The tablet should be left in place to burn out and cool down. If you need to extinguish a tablet sooner than it would cool naturally, quench with a container of cold water.
In order to ensure quick lighting and long burning, reseal the unused tablets and store in a cool, dry place.

Swift-Lite Charcoal Tablets


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