Each spell sachet was hand stuffed with our homemade herbal mixtures. Made with love and crafted with care.
 To super-charge your spell sachet, the last magical ingredient is you!
 Hold your spell sachet in your hands, close your eyes, and manifest that shit!
 The self-love spell sachet contains hibiscus, rose petals, salt, oat tops, and lemon balm. The stone within is blue chalcedony.

 Before use, supercharge it by filling it with thoughts of how you are an amazing human, worthy of love and care. Tuck the sachet under your pillow, on your bedside table, or even carry it with you in your pocket.
 Spell sachets should be replaced every six months, as their potency will have diminished. However, no need to waste those yummy herbs! Draw yourself a nice bath (even a foot bath will do!) and spill the contents into the water to use up the last of their healing energy. The stone can be saved and recharged at the next full moon.

Self Love Herbal Spell Sachet


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