By Peter Pauper Press
The cover design of our magnificent Cosmology Journal is adapted from the celebrated ''Catalan Atlas'' (1375), attributed to master map-maker Abraham Cresques of Majorca, Spain. This cosmological diagram places earth in the center, personified by an astronomer holding an astrolabe. Around the earth, the elements, planets, signs of the zodiac, and moon phases are displayed within concentric circles, and the four seasons are portrayed in the corners. What better place to pen your musings about the universe? Cosmology is enhanced with subtle iridescent highlights and embossed for a dimensional effect. The journal provides 192 lightly-lined opaque pages for personal reflection, sketching, making lists, or jotting down quotations or poems. Creamy-smooth acid-free archival paper takes pen and pencil beautifully. Hardcover journal lies flat for ease of use. 7-1/4'' wide by 9'' high. A superb gift.

Cosmology Journal


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