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May Full Moon - Full Flower Moon in Scorpio


Our monthly moon rituals are created by Sara of Snake Oil Magick! Sara is an eclectic witch and natural empath who is fascinated by divination. She and her partner, Vince, offer tarot and oracle readings often at Harold's Haunt and also online! We're so excited to work with them on yet another project and are sure that you will find these Full Moon Rituals packed full of magick.

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Flower Moon in Scorpio

The Full Moon for the month of May is the Flower Moon, which derives its name from the flowers that bloom in the early springtime, bringing new life and abundance to the year. The Flower Moon is a great moon for growth, as it comes at the (almost) half-way mark for the entire year. Mercury will also still be in retrograde during this time, which is why we are going to choose to focus on self-love and spiritual growth, looking inward to find growth and abundance.

The full moon is in Scorpio this month, which could be quite intense for some. The trick is to really root this into your spirituality and transformation that you would like to see and stop focusing on the outside influences that you feel may be affecting you.

The full moon is also on a Friday this month, meaning that it is ruled by Venus. Venus is a beautiful planet to be ruled by because it is all about beauty, love, and caring. While this could mean love and relationships with others, due to the other forces at play for this moon, we are going to focus on the self and the love you need to provide yourself to grow and transform.

Your ritual kit for May’s full moon contains:

A pink candle - This candle represents self-love, beauty, and compassion, something you will need to begin your transformation.

A blue candle - This candle represents spirituality, transformation, and clarity, something you will need to help deepen your practice and begin the transformation process.

Agate - This crystal represents grounding, raising consciousness, and truth, which will help assist you on your journey and as things progress.

Rose incense - This incense will assist in divination, spirituality, and confidence, which will enhance your experience, as well as provide a flower aspect to our flower moon.

There will also be some journal prompts if you would like to jot them down in a magical journal or anywhere you may want to keep these musings.

A suggestion for your full moon ritual:

  • Create sacred space for yourself, whatever that means for you and your practice. When you feel you have done this, light your candles, as well as your incense. Place your crystal in a prominent place where you can reflect on it, as well as your candles.

  • Sit with the flames and the aroma for a few moments, drawing in some deep breaths.

  • When you are ready, write down some spiritual goals that you have for the day, week, month, or even the year. This is meant to help you visualize where you want your practice to grow.

  • On a separate page or column, write down some ways you intend to incorporate self-care into your practice for the day, week, month, or even the year.

  • Set your paper to the side and take a few moments to visualize in your mind's eye what this looks like for you and how you intend to achieve these goals.

  • After moments of reflection, you will want to speak the following words aloud several times: “I am a sacred and divine being, capable of anything I set my mind to.”

  • Sit in reflection of all you are capable of and will achieve.

  • Allow your candles & incense to burn out or safely snuff the candles.

May this Flower Moon bring you transformation and spiritual growth. Blessed be.


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