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May at Harold's and Maude's

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

A month for flower blossoms! Maybe. Hopefully. Please?


Maude's Mystickal Market AND Open Mic Variety Show!

Join us for our first (of many!) Mystickal Market! This outdoor market will feature queer and witchy makers and energy workers. May's market will feature Tinned Pineapple, The Mystic Maker, Cortney M. Creations, Stet Studio, Death's Head Divination, and Queer and Far Shop!

This very first market will take place the same night as our Monthly Open Mic Variety Show, hosted by Asher O'Briant! Step right up and show your skills, or just stop in to see a wild performance from Stolen Stitches Sideshow.

Witchy Wednesdays! (And Survivor Too!)

We're watching Survivor at the bar still and it's been TONS of fun! Stop in to guess who will be voted off next. If you're right, you'll win a lil' prize!

Join the Maude Witches for weekly rituals every Wednesday! They're free, for everyone, and a great way to add some sacred time to your schedule while also meeting some cool queer witches. Our rituals will be at 7:30 on the back patio (weather permitting!) May 3rd - Beltane Ritual by Cabra and friends!

May 10th - Calling the Elements 101 by Kelly!

May 17th - Cleansing Ritual by Athena!

May 24 - TBD! May 31 - TBD!

Queer Coven!

Our first Queer Coven event was such fun! We're excited to keep it going. Join us for snacks, samples, and community building every 3rd Thursday right in the shop! RSVP on our website or on Facebook to stay in the loop on what we have planned!

Our May 18th Queer Coven will be Tarot themed! Bring your decks for show and tell and come with questions for the group to talk through!

In addition to our monthly Queer Coven, we're also inviting the community to join our lil' coven for a Full Moon Ritual on May 5th AND a garden work-day at the Millvale Community Garden on May 27th! Head to our events page to RSVP!

Gaymers & Nerds!

Now introducing: Tabletop Tuesdays! Our Dnd One-shot Drop-ins are expanding and moving! During our Tabletop Tuesday events, we will have TWO GMs running TWO GAMES EACH! And in addition to DnD, there will be an additional RPG system featured for each event! Tabletop Tuesdays will be May 2nd, May 16th, and May 30th! The first set of games run at 6:00pm and the second set of games run at 8pm! Head over to the event page to find out more and claim your spot!

ANIME CLUB with Venus Doom was SO MUCH FUN, so we're doing it again on May 28th! Join us for a cozy day full of SNACKS and ANIME! We'll have a selection of treats, including pocky, milk teas and more, and OBVIOUSLY, we'll be playing anime on both screens all day long.

Sober Sundays get a re-brand!

Glittersty takes over the bar every 1st and 3rd Sunday for a day of sober fun! These events are 18+, and no alcohol will be served. This month, CommUnity Funday will be on the 7th and the 21st!


On Saturday, May 13th, we have a whole day full of fun planned, and you won't want to miss it.

From 8am to 11am, Lemon Tree Pgh will have their normal coffee service.

From 11am to 3pm, we'll be hosting BRUNCH! This will be the last brunch for a while, so make sure to stop in. There will be waffles, bagel sandwiches, mocktails, cocktails, coffee, and MORE! Between Harold and Lemon Tree, the spread is always pretty delish! From 3pm to ??? Jenny Sais Quoi will be hosting a Eurovision Watch party.

And at 9pm, we're rounding out the night with Resist Glamazon, a Live RPG Drag Show featuring Andi Whorehol, Glitterdevil, Snoozy Q, Jami Starling, and of course, Jenny Sais Quio! IT's sure to be a wild show! Tickets are on sale now!

Millvale Music Fest!

Harold's Haunt will be hosting queer and queer-friendly talent during the 2023 Millvale Music Fest! We'll have a stage inside and some lovely patio seating outside for those of you who need to rest your feet and grab a bite during the chaos of the music festival! We hope to see you there!


Well, that's sure a lot. We're so excited to be able to spend EVEN MORE TIME with you this month. Thank you so much for continuing to turn out and support our lil' bar & witch shop. We couldn't do this without you.

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