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June Full Moon - Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius


Our monthly moon rituals are created by Sara of Snake Oil Magick! Sara is an eclectic witch and natural empath who is fascinated by divination. She and her partner, Vince, offer tarot and oracle readings often at Harold's Haunt and also online! We're so excited to work with them on yet another project and are sure that you will find these Full Moon Rituals packed full of magick.

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Strawberry Full Moon in Sagittarius

The Full Moon for the month of June is the Strawberry Moon. This moon is perfect for abundance and manifesting our dreams into reality. The name behind the Strawberry Moon, or Rose Moon, is that is the time when we are seeing the fruits and flowers blossoming and coming to harvest. It’s time for you to bring your own dreams to harvest and bloom with this full moon!

The full Moon is in Sagittarius this month, which is wonderful for our spirituality and growth. We are nearly halfway through the year and now would be a wonderful time for you to check in with yourself on some goals or aspirations you had your mind set on. If you haven’t made them yet, that’s okay! There’s no time like the present to bring those goals to reality.

The full moon is on a Saturday this month, meaning that it is ruled by Saturn. This type of energy can sometimes be one of authority but it is also one of stability and strength. This can tie right in with manifesting our dreams into reality because it shows the great potential you have inside, even when you doubt yourself. You can use this inner strength to take your life and transform it into whatever you would like it to be.

Your ritual kit for May’s full moon contains:

A dark blue candle - This candle represents spirituality, protection, and connection to a higher self, which you will need to properly manifest your dreams.

A green candle - This candle represents abundance, growth, and optimism, which are attributes that you wish to bring into your life with this full moon.

Amethyst - This crystal represents stability, guidance, and grounding, which will help in making sure your manifestations aren’t outside of the realm of possibilities.

Moonstone - This crystal represents accomplishment, passion, and awareness, which will be the key to sending your manifestations to reality for proper harvest.

There will also be some journal prompts, if you would like to jot them down in a magical journal or anywhere you may want to keep these musings.

A suggestion for your full moon ritual:

  • Create sacred space for yourself, whatever that means for you and your practice. When you feel you have done this, light your candles. Place your crystal in a prominent place where you can reflect on it, as well as your candles.

  • Sit with the flames for a moment, drawing deep breaths.

  • When you are ready, write down the goals and aspirations that you wish to accomplish this year. Nothing is too big or too small.

  • In a separate column, write down the goals and aspirations that you have already accomplished this year. Again, nothing is too big or too small - this is about the type of growth that you have accomplished this year and it is something to be proud of and to celebrate.

  • After you have finished writing, place your journal or papers in the center with your candles and place your crystals on top of the paper.

  • After moments of reflection, you will want to speak the following words aloud several times: “I manifest my dreams into reality.”

  • Sit in reflection on all you are capable of and will achieve.

  • Allow your candles to burn out or safely snuff the candles.

May this Strawberry Moon bring you abundance and may your dreams come true. Blessed be.


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