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OH MY GOSH GUYS THE TIME HAS COME!!!!! We have OFFICIALLY announced our GRAND OPENING EVENT(s) and we are low-key freaking out in the best way ever.

Opening a business IRL in the middle of a pandemic is probably the wildest thing we have ever done, but here we are! While we are SO EXCITED to finally meet all our customers IRL, we are trying to make sure our grand opening plans are safe for us AND you. In the before times, we probably would have just had a weekend-long giant party with musicians and food and drinks and champagne and just fill the store with as many people as possible, but OBVIOUSLY, that is off the table right now.

SO we have planned a grand opening event that takes place over the course of a full week in the hopes that we can spread out the fun so that it's safe. We are asking that people consider making appointments to stop by (and rewarding them with prizes when they do!) so that we can tell people when there might be a wait for them to get in to shop. And we're supplying a bucket of hand sanitizer, we'll be wiping down counters, AND for those of you who just don't feel safe shopping IRL just yet, we've scheduled a virtual tour of the store, where watchers can ask questions and shop right from home.

We'll be adding more information throughout the upcoming week!

Make sure to check out the Facebook event pages for the virtual tour and the IRL opening. And email us with questions or to set up your appointment!

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