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April at Harold's and Maude's

Is it time for spring flowers yet? and warm breezes? and sunlit afternoons? We are incredibly hopeful, and we've jam-packed April with events that might even take place on our PATIO at Harold's!!! Let's spend time together OUTSIDE in the SUNSHINE maybe! Keep reading for the full list of events at the bar and shop this month!


New Hours at the bar!

That's right! we're EXPANDING OUR HOURS! We'll be open 7 days a week and LATE on weekends! Starting April 1st, our hours will be: Monday: 5pm - 11pm Tuesday: 5pm - 11pm Wednesday: 5pm - 11pm Thursday: 5pm - 11pm Friday: 5pm - 2am Saturday: 5pm - 2am* Sunday: 2pm - 8pm *The bar may open early for special events on Saturdays, like our DnD One-Shots!

This, of course, means new hours for the kitchen as well! As of April 1st, we will have a cold menu available at any time, and the full kitchen will only be open at certain times: Wednesday through Friday: 6pm - 10pm Saturday: 5pm - 10pm Sunday: 2pm - 7pm

Coffee And Breakfast From Lemon Tree PGH


Tue to Fri - 7:30AM to 2PM

Saturday - 8AM to 12PM!


It's MONTHLY NOW! The next one is on April 15th!

Maude's 2-Year Anniversary!

Technically, our anniversary was actually in February, but we're finally able to celebrate!! Check out all the sales and fun things planned here! You can also RSVP on Facebook.

Witchy Wednesdays! (And Survivor Too!)

We're watching Survivor at the bar still and it's been TONS of fun! Stop in to guess who will be voted off next. If you're right, you'll win a lil' prize!

Join the Maude Witches for weekly rituals every Wednesday! They're free, for everyone, and a great way to add some sacred time to your schedule while also meeting some cool queer witches. Our rituals will be at 7:30 on the back patio (weather permitting!) April 5th - Full Moon ritual led by Athena April 12th - Perhaps a ritual led by PGH TST? We're hopeful! April 19th - Ritual led by Kyriellus April 26th - Consecrate a Magick Square of Mercury with Vince

Introducing: Queer Coven!

Speaking of cool, queer witches, starting in April, we'll be hosting a monthly meet-up at Maude's for queer witches! Join us for snacks, samples, and community building every 3rd Thursday right in the shop! RSVP on our website or on Facebook to stay in the loop on what we have planned!

We are super excited to offer space to our fellow queer witches and can't wait to see this community bloom and grow! Our April Queer Coven will be on the 20th (4/20, blaze it) and we may or may not be working on our own blend of herbal smokes to release that day. If we can make that happen, we'll be handing out samples to Queer Coven attendees.

Gaymers & Nerds!

The DnD One-shot event we had in March was SUPER popular, so we are gonna keep doing them!! In April, we'll be hosting One-shot games on April 1st and April 22nd! Each day will feature two short games, and you can claim your spot on our website! There is a $5 cover, and that money will go right to your GMs.

In addition to our One-Shot events, we'll be hosting a Gaymer Night on April 13th and Gaymer Days on April 9th & 30th. BYOB(oardgame) or just come borrow one of ours!

ALSO NEW THIS MONTH, we're hosting our first-ever ANIME CLUB with Venus Doom on April 23rd! Join us for a cozy day full of SNACKS and ANIME! you can bet your butt we will have pocky and also a whole bunch of other cool snacks for you to purchase, and OBVIOUSLY, we'll be playing anime on both screens all day long.

Sober Sundays!

Glittersty takes over the bar every 1st and 3rd Sunday for a day of sober fun! These events are 18+, and no alcohol will be served. This month, Sober Sundays will be on the 2nd and the 16th!

Other Very Important Events!

Last Supper Drag Show! OMG, you won't want to miss this one. April 7th at the bar!

Found Family! April 9th is a found family/Gaymer Day mash-up. On the 9th, you're our family. We love you. Come have dinner with us! All are welcome. Don't have the $? We have pay-it-forward dinner tickets available!

Enjoy Watch Party! On the 27th, Enjoy Wrestling will be dropping the last episode of their latest season. It's the title match between Edith Surreal and MV Young and we'll be streaming it LIVE! The event starts at 7pm, and the show starts at 8pm! We're hoping to have some local wrestlers join us that night too!

Open Mic Night! On the 28th, our friend Asher will be hosting another open mic night! Signups start at 6:30pm and the show starts at 7pm!

Chaos Birthday Party! April 29th! IDK, it's just gonna be a wild time We're celebrating the birthdays of Bekah (the bar manager at Harold's) and Jasper (youngest of the Flint Fam) and they deserve nothing but the best and most chaotic.


Well, that's sure a lot. We're so excited to be able to spend EVEN MORE TIME with you this month. Thank you so much for continuing to turn out and support our lil' bar & witch shop. We couldn't do this without you.

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