The Maude Witches

A Libra and a Gemini walk into a bar. 

Three shots of pickled vodka later, Maude was born. 

Athena - Lirael the Yarrow Witch


The Libra

Athena is a Green Witch, although she can't, for the life for her, keep an indoor plant alive. She gardens outdoors, tending Maude's Medicinal Garden. Her giant doggo, Freddie Spaghetti Squash, helps with the gardening by sitting nearby and drooling quite a lot. She has a degree in theology, training in herbs and ceremony creation, and a passion for healing from trauma and empowering personal growth. She spends her free time reading books about magic, either to hone her craft or to escape reality for just a moment. Any other free time she has is spent drying flowers, drinking tea, organizing her crystals,  and taking videos of her


Indigo - Mother of Mugwort


Indigo is a Dianic Hedgewitch who focuses her energies on kitchen-witchery and divination, using her magic for the hearth and home. Raised a witch, she started practicing at a young age—learning the different divinatory arts, and to bake with intention. She’s the founder of Mother of Mugwort and mother to a gremlin of a familiar—Orpheus the cat. She has a soft spot for chthonic deities and spends most of her time reading, writing poetry, baking, and studying herbalism. 

Illustrated Cat

The Gemini