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Harold's Haunt

Millvale's ghostly They Bar - for spirits of all kinds. Owned by Millvale's own queer Witches, Harold's Haunt is a themed bar with comfy community vibes. Stop in for a drink or for a story about our resident ghost.

Millvale Queer Space

Millvale is making great strides toward becoming a vibrant and inclusive place. Harold's Haunt will continue this progress by being a designated Queer space right in the heart of Millvale.

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They-Bar vs Gay Bar

We hope to create a bar that is inclusive to the entire LGBTQIA+ community, especially those who are non-binary, trans, or BIPOC.

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Sober & Non-Alcoholic Drinks Too!

In addition to some pretty amazing cocktails, we will always offer mocktails and sober drinks that we design with just as much care.

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Hayley S.

"Drinking a Frankenstein-themed cocktail while watching a drag performance of Mothman has been the highlight of the year for me."

Yes, you read that right. 

We're doing this really wild event thing where we raise money by inviting you to commission smut and then we maybe read it aloud at a live event! It's going to be absolutely hilarious, so if laughing about sex stuff is your jam, this event is for you.

Click through to learn about how you can attend or even just commission a story.

Located in Millvale
142 grant ave
millvale, pa 15209

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hours of operation: 


5PM to 11PM
5PM to 11PM
5PM to 11PM
5PM to 12AM
5PM to 12AM
2PM to 8PM

Happy Hour: Tue-Fri, 5-7PM

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