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Harold's & Maude's in the Media

We are honored to be featured in a number of publications and podcasts! Scroll through to learn more about who we are and what we do! 
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Inside the queer, witchy ‘they bar’ of Millvale, Pa.
Spotlight PA
Flint hasn’t heard of another they bar. “So maybe it will be the beginning of something,” she said. “Who knows?”
Topics include: 
Harold's Haunt, They-Bar, Queer Community
Harold and Maude('s Paper Wing Gallery)
Ghoul on Ghoul
Hear about the weird history behind this little Pittsburgh witch store, as well as the ghosts, goblins (?), and other things haunting it. Other subjects covered include baby psychics, whiny dogs, and drunk seances.
Topics include: 
Millvale History, Maude's Paperwing Gallery, Harold - the ghost!
I Want to Take You to a They Bar
Gay bars have been a staple of queer culture for decades. There, queer folk could connect and explore themselves beyond the scrutiny of cisheteronormativity of the day, finding camaraderie among their peers in the nightlife.
Topics include: 
They-Bar, Harold's Haunt, Queer Community
Building community is at the heart of Millvale’s ‘they bar,’ Harold’s Haunt
Pittsburgh Union Progress
While it may have been a difficult year getting Harold’s off the ground, it’s also been an exciting one, Flint said. She has spent countless hours creating a space in Millvale that is not only queer-friendly but also explicitly a safe community space for people who are trans, nonbinary and gender nonconforming.
Topics include: 
Harold's Haunt, They-Bar, Queer Community, Harold - the ghost!
Harold’s Haunt Launches Crowd Investment for Improvements and Expansion
Pittsburgh’s newest LGBTQ+ bar and only designated they-bar, Harold’s Haunt is improving and expanding to keep up with demand and they’re asking for crowd investors to help do it.
Topics include: 
Harold's Haunt
LBGTQ Business Spotlight: Maude’s Paperwing Gallery
Made in PGH
As you probably already know, it’s pride month! If you’re looking to support a local LBGTQ+ business this month, here’s one for all the Pittsburgh magic lovers: Maude’s Paperwing Gallery.
Topics include: 
Maude's Paperwing Gallery, Witch Shop
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