Tune in for Maude Mondays!

Every Monday night, starting at 7 PM, we will be going LIVE from in the store to say hello and show you some of our new wares. Viewers will be able to purchase items right from the Livestream AND win fun prizes as well.

Prizes, you say?

We'll be hiding small Totoro and friends figurines throughout the store, and the first person to say 'TOTORO' in the comments will win some goodies every week! ALSO if we reach certain audience member numbers, we'll be doing giveaways as well! So make sure to tell all your friends! The more people tune in live, the more stuff we'll give away! 

Find us on Facebook & RSVP to our Maude Monday Facebook Event to get a notification when we go Live! 


Movie Nights

Every week we host a virtual movie night on Zoom! Join us for some relaxing community time together. Have movie suggestions? We're all ears. 


Readings with Indigo

Book an in-person or virtual appointment with Indigo for a Lenormand Oracle Reading. 

E-mail us if you have questions or to book your appointment! 

Upcoming Events

  • Apr 22, 8:00 PM EDT
    On Zoom!
  • Apr 29, 8:00 PM EDT
    On Zoom!
  • May 30, 7:00 PM EDT
    Just like any book club, with the added twist of being focused on books of witchcraft and other similar subjects such as tarot, herbalism, and more! For this meeting, we'll be discussing the book "From the Cauldron Born" by Kristoffer Hughes.

Located in Millvale!

210 Grant Ave

Millvale, PA 15209

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Thursday........... 11am - 7pm !! 8PM Movie Night

Friday................. 11am - 7pm

Saturday............ 11am - 7pm !! Readings by Indigo

Sunday............... 1pm - 6pm

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