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Kraken Apothecary


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After struggling with endometriosis for the majority of my life, I began looking for alternate options to help me manage my daily pain. I started studying herbalism in 2008 and making most of my own products in 2010 after making a major lifestyle change and not being able to find suitable replacements for the products I had been using. As I purged my home of petroleum by products, harsh chemicals, overly scented items, and hormone disruptors I became aware of how far they invade our everyday lives. I've always been driven to try and make the world a better place and I try to do so by making sure my life and my products are as sustainable as possible. I focus on purchasing from sustainable sources, small, and women owned businesses for the things that I have to buy if I cannot grow or make it myself.

I've always loved "mythology" and obsessively read about Gods from other cultures. It felt so much more fitting than the Christian upbringing I was being given. I continuously questioned why the Old Gods were relegated to myths and the past while the Christian God seemed to walk so free. Into my adulthood I wanted to bring their names to the forefront. As the major religions wipe out the old ones and as we continue to rely on the internet, we lose a lot of the spoken stories and names of the past. I hope to bring their names and stories into the current age so that people can remember and honor our pasts.

I always keep an eye on the conservation of herbs and sacred wisdom. I am very conscious of bringing the stories forward while fighting appropriation.



Kraken Apothecary

Kraken Apothecary works to bring the old ways back, working and living within the seasons and the lunar cycles. Their products are made the way our ancestors would have; with mindfulness and reverence for the land and the traditions they have come from. Bringing modern knowledge and blending it with ancestral knowledge, tradition, and sustainability. All of the products come with the names of the Old Gods and their stories. With cleaning products, pet goods, body products, salves, balms, and liniments, they're here for all your herbal needs and a little bit lore.


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