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The Third Arrow

Marliss & Kai

Marliss (she/her) & Kai (they/them)

Marliss & Kai

Marliss (she/her) and Kai (they/them) are spouses, creators, and weirdos living in Columbus, Ohio. They make cards, stickers, pins, buttons, patches, and art prints strongly based in queerness and humor. They also make some things for straight people, sometimes, on accident. Anxiety and depression is also a common theme in their work. There is something magical in making something for yourself that resonates with other people as well, and Kai and Marliss both love to find kindred spirits (both in-person and online!).

Marliss has an underutilized altar, many crystals, a couple of tarot decks, and has done some spells and rituals. She has many books on modern, practical, queer, kitchen, and green witchcraft. She also has many beautiful plants, and the collection keeps going. She can usually be found laying in the hammock, arguing with someone’s racist uncle on Facebook, and/or playing her ukulele.

Kai has no altar and no spells but is completely enamored with tarot. They have at least 10 decks and habitually back more and more decks on Kickstarter. Their absolute favorite deck is The Fifth Spirit, which centers nonbinary, queer, and marginalized groups. Kai’s journey with tarot is firmly rooted in gaining self-understanding and radical self-acceptance. Kai quit their 9 to 5 job in 2020 and spends most of their time nurturing TheThirdArrow, hoping to grow and expand (and be able to pay their mortgage, bills, and student loans).



The Third Arrow

We are both regularly amazed that people want to buy the things we create, and it is a rad feeling when something that we make resonates with someone to the point that they want to give it to a friend or keep it for their own. We started out with a few puns and some drawings to go with them, and we've continued to build on that over the past four years.

So, we make this stuff in our home (or design it and have it made by our production partners in some cases), package it, and send it to people who buy it (you, hopefully). Sometimes we go to shows and sell these things to people IN PERSON, which is extra weird.


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