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Foxhole Finds


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Foxhole Finds is born of a love for nature, with the goal of preserving what would otherwise be lost. My pieces celebrate items found in wild, and sometimes feature secondhand items that have been repurposed and reimagined. My sincerest hope is that bringing these pieces into our homes will bring us closer to the wild, resulting in a greater respect for our animal neighbors.



Foxhole Finds

The majority of biofacts are ethically sourced personal finds from hikes and roadside, while select items are traded with similarly-minded friends and thrifted items that would otherwise go to waste. No animal will ever be harmed for my work. I'm proud of my respect for the natural world and am happy to answer any questions you may have about my work. I always enjoy meeting fellow nature lovers!

PA Taxidermy Association member,
Churchill Area Environmental Council representative,
Pennsylvania Master Naturalist class of 2021, student of the woods.

Bear (quality control dog) helps personally inspects each item with a thorough sniffing. We give two paws up to Little Bit of Snuggles Dog Rescue.


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