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Flower and Fin


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I’m a pastry chef and identify as a kitchen witch. I also practice hedgecraft. I create ritual salt and sugar infusions for culinary use and make custom desserts, specializing in boutique cakes. I embarked on my journey to witchcraft and started Flower & Fin as a way to help heal from trauma. Witchcraft, especially kitchen witchery has helped me cope because I believe baking is energy work. My energy, whether positive or negative gets absorbed into my creations. My craft forces me to enter my kitchen with a positive attitude, meditate on my intentions, and to pour compassion into what I am creating. It reminds me to have compassion towards others and to myself.



Flower and Fin

Flower and Fin takes a mindful approach to baking. Food has the ability to heal us, not just physically, but emotionally. A firm believer in the spiritual and magickal properties of the ingredients she works with, Carley takes their attributes into consideration in order to create desserts that not only taste wonderful, but are filled with positive energy.

Many joyful and memorable events center around dessert. Flower and Fin is honored to play a small part in these celebrations.

Carley Rice is the pastry chef and owner behind Flower and Fin. Upon graduating from college as an English major, she enrolled in pastry school. Carley worked in a production kitchen, a restaurant, and a dessert cafe in Pittsburgh before stepping out on her own. She lives and works in Beaver, Pennsylvania, with her daughter, Violette, and their cat, Fin.


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