Over the course of our many Psychic Faires and vending events, we've met so many amazing artists. Knowing that we would someday be filling a storefront with witchy and queer wares, we've asked some of our very favorites to join in this adventure with us. 

This Creative Coven is made up of beautiful people. Some of them are witches. Some of them are not. Some of them are members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Some of them are not. All of them are people we consider to be absolutely full of magic. 

Someday we will have shelves to hold their art, a building to host their services. We're not there yet. Someday. For now, we will shout their praises right here on this page and also any other time someone gives us the chance. 

  • Chrissy Sunders


    Chrissy's art is overflowing with reminders of nature and the endless cycle of life and death. Her path as a Green Witch influences this, as well as her love for animals.

    She / Her

  • Quiet Retreat Therapy


    Founder of Quiet Retreat Therapy Debra has been doing therapy for 20+ years. During those years, her focus has continually shifted towards creating safe space for the LGBTQIA+ community. Her creativity can be found in the ways she personalizes the healing path for her patients, using a variety of techniques that best fit the individual and their needs.

    She / Her

  • Flower and Fin


    Pastry chef, kitchen witch, beautiful human, full of magic. Carley's creative powers manifest themselves into the most beautiful sweet treats as well as sugar and salt power blends to add a touch of magic to your every day life.

    She / Her

  • Kracken Apothecary


    Inspired by her own medical need to reduce irritants in her life, Steph found herself studying the old medicines of the earth for healing. Her products are beautiful and natural. They are also interwoven with myth.

    She / Her

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