Maude's Grimoire Book Club
Maude's Scrolls of Themis Book Club

What's the Grimoire Book Club?

Every two months we will gather online to discuss a book that will teach us more about witchcraft and other similar subjects. For instance, we may read a history of witchcraft or a book on Wicca or Druidism or Paganism. We might read a book on the art of tarot or tea leaves. Or even, perhaps, a book on social justice and its ties to witchcraft, a book on feminism, midwifery, or any of a various amount of subjects that could fall into the realm of witchery.  Depending on the book chosen, we may even offer some activities, crafts or ceremonies to do together.

I'm not a witch. Can I come to? 

YES! This book club aims to be INCLUSIVE! You don't need to designate as a witch to attend. We invite people of all backgrounds, all genders, all ethnicities. We welcome decade long witches and witches on their first step into the path. Our hope is to cultivate community through open discussion about a variety of witchy subjects! 

Grimoire Book Club


Grimoire Book Club

What's the Scrolls of Themis Book Club?

Just as Themis consults her scrolls, we will read the stories and experiences of others. Their words will help us learn how we can stand strong for justice. We may read books on antiracism, activism, lgbtqui+ rights... There are a myriad of possibilities, and as always we will listen to suggestions as to which books to choose next! 

Indigo and Athena are both firm in their belief that as witches, it is our duty to uplift and fight for the rights of others. We hope to always hold some space where people can unlearn the systematic racism, sexism, ableism, cisgenderism..... we have a lot to unlearn. Doing it together will mean having a safe space to ask questions as well as building a community that will hold us accountable for those times when we slip back into autopilot. 

Who is this book club for? 

Anyone who is willing to brave their own discomfort in order to learn to be a better ally. Anyone who yearning to help create safe space for others in need. Anyone who wants to add new tools to their social justice tool kit. You don't have to be a witch to be in this book club. You just have to be willing to learn. 

SCrolls of Themis

Where does the book club meet? 

Right now all of our events are virtual.... We'll be meeting on Zoom until it's a bit safer to meet in person. The plus side is that you can join our book club no matter where you are! Not a Pittsburgh local? Totes fine. We would love to have you join us.

Where can I get the book? 

If we're able to get the book in, we will have them for sale here on our website. While we're still growing there may be a number of books we can't quite get in stock in a timely manner. For those books, we will be partnering up with Kards Unlimited as often as possible to make sure they have some on their shelves. And if even that fails us, we'll be sure to find some sources for you. 

Great! What are we reading Next

Check our Events Page for the next book club! 

We can't wait to see you there! 

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